The Iranian Cultural Society of North Carolina (ICSNC) is a mission oriented non-profit 501(C)(3) organization in service to the statewide membership and community of lovers of Persian culture in the state of North Carolina, USA. ICSNC was established in 1987, and has served its membership and the greater community in organizing cultural events, gatherings, and classes to help grow and celebrate Persian culture.


Center Update – September 6, 2022

It is my pleasure to report on the progress we have made on your Khaneh-Iran. We are near 95% completion (Grand ballroom with beautiful chandeliers, Farsi classrooms, etc.). Due to Covid related supply chain issues, we cannot achieve Certification of Occupancy (CO) to hold our fundraising event with great singer/performer Mr. Sattar on originally schedule of September 17. The CO is required to assure safety and security of everyone.

My team and I tried hard to make this happen. We looked at other options offsite; at nearby hotels, center’s parking lot with 5000 SQFT tent or garden but no option was appealing or safe or would have met your desire to have this wonderful concert at any place but our beautiful COMPLETED center.

I spoke to Mr. Sattar and asked for an alternative date. He was kind enough to postpone the concert to Saturday, November 26. Even he thought it was important to have his concert in our newly completed Khaneh Iran. My team and I sincerely apologize for the delay of this concert. We hope everyone of you that purchased VIP tickets for both the Dinner and Concert and those of you that bought tickets for the concert understand we had every intention to have Mr. Sattar perform on September 17. I promise you we WILL have a great concert at YOUR Khaneh-Iran.

Thanks again for all your support in making our 32 YEAR dream come true.

If you have any questions about the center or concert, please make sure to email or call me. I will be happy to talk with you!

Kazem Yahyapour,  IACC Chairperson

Center Update – May 5, 2022


Please click on the vidoe to see the continues activities at the center.


Center Update – April 18, 2022


Please click on the picture to see the status of IACC or Khaneh Iran presented to the community by its Chairperson Kazem Yahyapour on Monday April 18, 2022


Center Update – March 24, 2022

Dear Fellow Iranian/Americans,

First, I would like to offer best wishes for a happy and healthy Nowruz.  We had hoped to have this year’s Nowruz Party at our Khaneh-e Iran but unfortunately the building is not completed because of many issues out of our control. We are making great progress though and construction is now 80% complete. All walls will be installed, covered with drywall and ready to be painted as of March -21. The ceiling in the large Ball Room has been painted, we have primed all the walls in the room and have started the actual painting. Eighty percent of the HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical work has been completed. We are still experiencing difficulty getting some construction materials and finding skilled laborers (plumbers/ electricians/ HVAC technicians, etc.) Also, inflation has been a great challenge for us. Before Christmas I bought five 8×4 foot sheets of plywood for $37 each from Home Depot. Two weeks ago I bought the same plywood from Home Depot and the cost was $76 each. It is crazy but believe me when I say we keep searching for the best prices and trying to control expenses as much as we can.

I am very optimistic that over the next 100 days we are going to complete our Khaneh-Iran and it will be something that we all can be very proud of.

As I mentioned in the past our fundraising for 2021 was unbelievable.  We raised a total of $615,638.00.  Of this amount, $397,637.00 was in donations and $228,500.00 in Promissory Notes. As of today, our Total Fundraising Amount for Khaneh-e Iran is $1,058,638.00 (one million, fifty-eight thousand and six hundred thirty-eight dollars.) This is an AWESOME accomplishment. Our 34 year Dream is coming true even with all the difficulties during this Pandemic. We still need to raise more funds because the unanticipated increase in the cost of labor of materials. If you hear from someone from the fundraising committee please, please help out if you can. We are so close, and our Khaneh-e Iran will be BEAUTIFUL.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to all the Khaneh-e-Iran supporters that stepped forward to help us get to this point. We could not have done it without each of you. I also want to thank all the members of the various Khaneh-e Iran committees for their dedication and hard work in making this endeavor successful. Many people have dedicated hours to this project. I will forever be grateful for all your help.

If you have free time, we welcome you to come visit your Khaneh-e Iran. I will be happy to show you around and explain what we’ve accomplished and what we still have to finish.

We are excited to have another Charshanbeh-Soori at the cultural center and hope to see many of you there tomorrow night!

Remember ask not what your community can do for you but ask what you can do for your community. 

Please feel free to contact me with any comments or for information you may need. Looking forward to hearing from you.



Kazem Yahyapour – Chairperson of the Iranian American Cultural Center (Khaneh-e Iran)



After many years of effort, our vision of having a venue for our cultural and community events is becoming a reality.  We completed the purchase of the new building on June 8th, 2020 through the efforts of many individuals in the community who contributed both time and treasure.  Key to this achievement were individuals whose financial generosity has been the pillar of our success, and whose leadership will continue to uplift our community.

Now, we need your support to complete the renovation of the building and create the space for the education and cultual programs and events that you have been requesting. Imagine a place where you can not only celebrate Nowruz, but also learn Persian cooking and baking; a place to celebrate the outdoors in a Persian garden; and a place that will always be there for you to enjoy the fellowship of your friends and family.  We are also looking to use this space to make our programs accessible online and in real-time. Your contribution will have a lifetime of impact!

We are renovating the building to start our activities.

We need your support.

Please consider volunteering your time or contributing by donating.

We are making lifelong friendships while building.

Your continued volunteer and financial support is the difference that will allow for our lasting success.

We need your support now.







Nowruz message from the United States Congresswomen, Deborah K. Ross, Representing North Carolina 2nd district to the Iranian community.










Nowruz message from the United States Senator, Thom Tillis, Representing North Carolina to the Iranian community.